Cloud Talk Episode 21: Data and Power Tools

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe> the “full” course for Power BI from the official module which is actually used in the course above but this one is self run. – free, yes FREE source for cloud data!

Cloud Talk Episode 18 – Show us your TOOLS – Cloud Developer Life with Erin Means and the Cloud Talk Show gang

Leading a large cloud project is hard, want to make it easier? The decisions you make at the beginning help determine your eventual fate and some seemingly innocuous tool choices can come back to haunt you as your project matures. Come hear Larry and Ralph talk with Eric about what he learned shepherding a project from “Salesware” to “Enterprise Changing” as the cloud changes under him.

Cloud Talk Show Episode 16 – Infrastructure as Code in the cloud with Rob Hirschfeld

Join Ralph and Larry as they talk to Rob Hirschfeld about how he is helping solve the problems below the cloud. RackN helps companies work with bare metal (not metal bears) programatically, so you can refactor your data center to meet changing needs.

We talk at the high level, but if you want to dig into some of the details about what goes on underneath a Continuously Integrated Data Center (CI DC) implementation you can read through Rob’s slides from a September 2019 presentation.

Learn about, and play with Infrastructure as Code by using Digital Rebar Platform (DRP) to provision Kubernetes on a Raspberry PI array with code.

Enter the show ….

This is Cloud Talk, a podcast show built to help not just a couple of web architect types who are focused on all things on the cloud that need folks to develop stuff but for those of you out there who have come here deliberately or accidentally looking to get some more answers or something fixed. Of course, you are going to fix it but we hope you find the material here helpful or at least helpful enough to let you find what you need even if it is just to modify your search criteria on Google or Bing.

Early on we will be focusing on the Microsoft stack of cloud technologies but with a twist since they took a major turn towards the Open source community with their introduction of the new SharePoint Framework that was actually meant to work first with things like NODEJS, GULP and YEOMAN just to name a few items. This is a major area for cloud stuff so we will first be talking about what we can here and then bring in more things from other areas such as Amazon, Google where cloud things live and the tools that make all those web technologies happen such as the Frameworks or the helpers.

Although this is on our own initiative, we want to make sure we give kudos to our day job at Magenic where we get lots of chances to play with these bits in real life situations and who throws us a resource or two to help make this site happen.   That said, the opinions and comments made here do NOT reflect those of our bosses, their company or, especially any of our clients and partners or even our families. We are also not representing any of the big guys in this story like Microsoft, Amazon or Google nor any of the fine organizations behind a lot of the great open source frameworks out there.

So with all that hopefully clearer than mud, we press on in the spirit of those who have inspired us to create this show and look forward to hearing from you as well!

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