Storage is one of the main Pillars of the Cloud (along with Compute and Networking) and it gets a bit of due in this episode. There is a bit of deep dive into the Azure side of things especially with MS Build 2017 show material fresh on the internet as well as Ralph’s continuing adventures with SharePoint Online (and related announcements there, too!) Don’t worry … there are more Storage topics to cover and we look forward to that!

Meanwhile, hare are links to items discussed in this week’s show:

  • Microsoft’s Azure AD goes down –
  • Office 365 CDN –
  • Azure at
  • Get The Azure CLI
  • … and know it!
  • MS Build in 2017 –, sessions here!
  • Bash Shell beginners guide

As before, original music by R. Rivas and Logo by another R. Rivas 🙂