Episode 1 is official and here it is:

This is the first show with all the roughness that comes with newness 😉. We look forward to improving the tech behind it as we look to improve ourselves along with you on all things Cloud Dev for us (light) blue collar types.

As promised on the video a few notes about the content …

In the discussion about NPM being able to install anything, Ralph misspoke and said Visual Studio code was available but it is not as it is still a traditional install albeit for whichever platform is targeted … and besides, for those using Mac’s and other devices, any of your favorite editors there work just fine and actually pretty much the same. We want to acknowledge the biggest inspiration to the show which is Mr. Andrew Connell and recommend his new site at http://voitanos.io to really get ahead of the game with all things SPFx along with his sibling sites that go to other areas. we hope not to step on his toes 🙂 Links to items presented today are as follows:

  • http://cmder.net/
  • https://nodejs.org/en/
  • http://yeoman.io/
  • http://gulpjs.com/
  • https://yarnpkg.com/en/
  • https://code.visualstudio.com/
  • Setting up the environment for the SharePoint Framework
  • and, of course, http://csharp4u.com

Music by R. Rivas (all rights currently reserve), Logo by racklearts, laptops and skype connections courtesy of Magenic Technologies, thanks!