Your two, not quite crusty hosts are now ready for broadcast!

In their own words we introduce …

Larry Headshot

Larry Smithmier

I am a father. I am a programmer. I am a software architect.

C# and SQL are my languages of choice. I prefer Stored Procedures, compile time over runtime errors, tight and clean over multifunctional, and finally Coke over Pepsi.

I currently work for Turnberry Solutions and am doing SharePoint, BrightScript, and Windows 11 development in my spare time. got to run …

Ralph Headshot

Ralph Rivas

(Semi) Mild Mannered computer consultant/Software Architect by day, Daddy/Hubby, Entertainer, Gamer, Foodie and Traveler all other times.

I would have probably gone to Hollywood to be a Screenwriter or Movie person or perhaps a Full Fledged Concert Pianist or Improv Troop Member but that would take Mick Jagger money to make that happen though it is fun to do on the side.

I am also Microsoft aficionado since B.G. still manned the trade show booths and happy that they made the move to the Sky (where the clouds are!)

and on with the show …