Cloud Talk Episode 21: Data and Power Tools

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe> the “full” course for Power BI from the official module which is actually used in the course above but this one is self run. – free, yes FREE source for cloud data!

Cloud Talk Episode 18 – Show us your TOOLS – Cloud Developer Life with Erin Means and the Cloud Talk Show gang

Leading a large cloud project is hard, want to make it easier? The decisions you make at the beginning help determine your eventual fate and some seemingly innocuous tool choices can come back to haunt you as your project matures. Come hear Larry and Ralph talk with Eric about what he learned shepherding a project from “Salesware” to “Enterprise Changing” as the cloud changes under him.

Cloud Talk Episode 17 – M365 Virtual Marathon Conference as a case of ultimate SaaS usage

In our biggest show so far (3 guests and 2 hosts!), our first return guest, over an hour because Ralph was too lazy to chop it up  (actually because it’s another case of must flow together), we return to Software as a Service (SaaS) use cases where things that are out there in the cloud and sometimes FREE (in this case free!) can be used for the common good and in a big way on a global scale through sheer will of people with vision.

We are not being overly dramatic when we describe Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) as one of the most successful and powerful SaaS service platforms out there but given how much of it can be free via a Dev Tenant alone, the fact that they pulled off a Woodstock level event (minus the latrine issues) to have hundreds of speakers cover topics in live events for about 12 thousand users in 7 languages in a 48 hour straight period globally, is stunning!  We just had to know how they happened and how they made it work.  Joel Oleson, Galen Keen and Ryan Schouten fill us in on what was just supposed to be a way to get around the COVID challenges for their Southern California User group event … and ended up being a world event that is both a challenge to the rest of the user group world but also a teaching event in itself to use in the community and to Microsoft as well.   

There is a blog for this, of course:  which is a major source to follow up on with this video but we also have a few other links that are on the show for you to have handy.   

Also, We have some shout outs in the show as well to a few folks like Jana Babackova and Ai Hirano, and Yoshi from Japan responsible for that Power Bi piece in the link below.


Here are those links:

User group meetings mentioned in the show:

Thanks again to our guests and do enjoy the video and the links!  

Cloud Talk Show Episode 16 – Infrastructure as Code in the cloud with Rob Hirschfeld

Join Ralph and Larry as they talk to Rob Hirschfeld about how he is helping solve the problems below the cloud. RackN helps companies work with bare metal (not metal bears) programatically, so you can refactor your data center to meet changing needs.

We talk at the high level, but if you want to dig into some of the details about what goes on underneath a Continuously Integrated Data Center (CI DC) implementation you can read through Rob’s slides from a September 2019 presentation.

Learn about, and play with Infrastructure as Code by using Digital Rebar Platform (DRP) to provision Kubernetes on a Raspberry PI array with code.